We all are getting ready to say goodbye to 2020, a year which most of us spent cooped up indoors. But as the New Year 2021 is getting closer, we all are hoping that things turn out to be better and we get to enjoy and travel a little more. Obviously, with proper precautions & safety measures.

As the mountains start welcoming the snow and the world sets into the holiday season, let’s start making plans for the upcoming year! Starting with a ‘Go To’ list!

Now if you have that ready, let’s help you with one thing that you will definitely need to make the most of the much awaited trips – Music!

We’d say that portable speakers are the best way to take your music with you anywhere & anytime! You can share your playlists with your friends and even if you are traveling solo, your music can keep you company.

However, the trick is to find a speaker that you can toss into a backpack or even a jean’s pocket and it delivers a powerful sound that can keep your spirits high!


Check out the following list of best speakers in 2021 that you can carry on your next adventure:

1. JBL Go

The Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Travel in 2021_1

This is a block-shaped Bluetooth speaker that resembles an oversized matchbox. The speaker is just 130 gms and therefore can be carried easily anywhere due to its light weight.

Considering its compact size, the audio quality of these speakers is quite decent, however not as impactful as its counterparts. They are reasonably loud till about 60-70% of the maximum volume but beyond that, you can experience some audio crackling.

These offer a playtime of up to 5H which is decent, but not enough! Available in 8 vibrant colors, this provides an exciting & eye-catching contrast to the usual speakers!


2. Stone 200

The Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Travel in 2021_2

It doesn’t matter if you are a beach person or enjoy staying up in the mountains, these wireless speakers are ideal for both!

Highly portable and compact in size, this is loaded with many exciting features. The rugged design with rubberized outer layer makes it shockproof and the IPX6 waterproof rating protects it from splash. It also comes with a band to hang it anywhere without any worry!

The 1500 mAh lithium battery provides a playtime of up to 10 Hrs and it takes around 4 Hrs of charge time to get fully charged.

The sound quality is great and the bass is punchy & impactful. With a multi-functional button & volume control on the top, you can control your music easily.

It supports bluetooth V4.1 and allows you to pair your mobile device without any hassle!


3. Anker Soundcore Sport XL

The Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Travel in 2021_3

A robust looking bluetooth speaker that can be counted on to deliver a powerful performance!

It is built for all those who have a travel bug and like to explore new places all the time! With an IP67 waterproof rating (1m depth), you can carry these safely to the beaches and enjoy a blissful day under the sun.

It offers an incredible playtime of up to 15 Hrs which will ensure that you never miss your music!

However, if you like to travel light then you might face some issues with the weight & size of the speaker. It might feel a little bulky and troublesome to carry around!


4. Portronics SoundDrum POR-871

The Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Travel in 2021_4

This one comes in a cylindrical package with grilled mesh for sound to penetrate in every direction.

Feel the thump with the 2×5 W in-built stereo speakers. You get a distortion – free voice at low volume music but if you need something loud then they might disappoint you.

What’s interesting is that this portable speaker also comes with an FM mode. You can enjoy unexpected songs, listen to local news, city news etc while camping on a hilltop!

The 1800 mAh battery allows you to enjoy non-stop music for up to 7 Hrs.


5. Infinity Fuze Pint

The Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Travel in 2021_5

This portable speaker is ideal to carry your music in your pocket!

You get to enjoy your trip to the fullest as these speakers pump out music that is just fantastic! With dual equalizer modes, it makes the best fit for normal & deep bass output.

Despite its compact size, it provides a playtime of up to 5 Hrs. You can check the weather, change songs, control volume with a quick callout to access voice assistants.


6. Logitech x50

The Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Travel in 2021_6

This mini speaker allows you to carry your music everywhere you go. Given its compact size, these are the perfect travel speakers that offer an amazing sound output. It has a nice grill design on the top and comes with a little handle to hold your speakers.

The audio is clear and loud and you hardly face any issue when pairing these to your device. However, if you have to switch the device you have to unpair first by long pressing the power button and then only you can pair with another.

These speakers run for nearly 4-5 hours with a full charge of 2 hours, which is not that great actually!

Having said it all, we hope that you find the perfect speakers that suit your requirement and you have an amazing, super rocking 2021!