Are you looking for any compelling Facebook post idea? Now-a-days social media platform is one of the most popular platforms to promote any type of product or service. Brands can create their own content to drive more leads and get loyal customers.

It looks so simple, but in real you may need some specific skills to create effective and right post for the customers. Some of the digital marketers even also use social media tactics like Hashtags and stock photos to create Facebook or other posts. Through this post today we are going to discuss some of the ideas to create and develop social media posts.


1. Trendy Post

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Trending

While designing any post try to keep the topic that revolves around any trendy topic. Trendy topics are rewarded by the news feed algorithms as well. You can also find the topics that your friends and site visitors like the most. By doing so you can get the chance to interact with your fans and respond their comments as well.


2. No Use of Special Symbols like Hashtags (#)

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Hashtags

Use of any special symbols and hashtags can decrease the reach of your Facebook post to your fans by 6%. Sometimes even Facebook may penalize you since they are mostly used on other social media sites like Twitter that is a big competitor of Facebook. Moreover, hashtags like symbols also indicate that this post is for other social networks, so Facebook usually reduce the reach of such posts as a hidden penalty.


3. Use Emojis

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Emojis

It has been proved by many researches that any social media post with emojis are considered as more engaging posts, then those posts that do not have emojis. Emojis can enhance the likes by 5 percent, while comments and shares can be increased by 33%. Even ads with emojis also perform better.

However, while using emojis use only those that are appropriate for your brand’s image and are as per the tone of your post. Facebook analytics also help you to know the performance of these emojis.


4. Keep the Post Length Short

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Post Length

While designing the post try to keep the post length short. It has been seen that the posts with 250 characters are found more engaging, even by decreasing the length more this engagement can be increased.

The reason behind liking of shorter posts is that most of the users access social media through their mobile phones, while being on the go. In such cases they do not like to read ling posts, instead prefer to read those posts that can be read quickly.


5. Consider the Timing of Post

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Timeline

Designing a post is not sufficient; you should also decide and consider the perfect time of the post. While, most of the users consider 12 PM to 3 PM as standard time in day and 7 PM during night to post of Facebook, while these timings are based on collective average.

Some social media sites like Facebook also provides some standard tools like Facebook Audience Insights to track the user interactions. It helps the users to know the best time of the day to post their content.


6. Start with Some Story

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Start Post

When you post on Facebook then you can use and draft a story to weave the content. An interactive video can also be created to for brand awareness. Here you can post a little interview of the CEO to make the brand’s mission clear. By this you can create an emotional attachment and connection with your audience.

You can also post the small videos of some inspirational stories to connect with your audience. By doing so you can get connected with your audience and they will firstly connect with you and then react.


7. Re-posting of a Viral Photo or Video

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Repost

To run any post on social media you can recreate any viral photo or post or video. You can easily find such content on internet. You can either search for any popular memes, funny posts and quotes to recreate it. Find any relevant and popular viral related to your industry and then re-post it in effective way. Try to recreate it in more engaging way.


8. Post with Personal Touch

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Customize

Brand promotion with some personal touch is a great idea. It will not be fruitful always to create the professional posts, instead depending on the type of your audience you can create some posts with personal touch that can attract and connect your audience.

You can also make them personal by introducing your services personally or by introducing your employees. You may use the photos of your employees while being in office or post the images of your happy customers enjoying product or service.


9. Inclusion of CTA

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Call To Action CTA

We discussed earlier that the posts with low engagement have lower reach to the customer. The pages that have consistent low engagement are not ranked higher by Facebook, consequently they do not get the top spot on news feed. However, you can increase the rank by creating engaging posts, additionally you can also add call to action in the post. It merely can tell your audience what they have to do next after reading the post or in other words can give them a direction.

For this you can either ask them to post a comment on the post or like it or share it with friends. Call to action can increase and improve the post engagement.


10. Use and Post Product Photos

How To Increase Facebook Post Likes, Followers & Engagement_Use and Post Product Photos

You can create more engaging post by using the photo of your real product for the post. For this you can use the photo of product in-action or in-action. BY doing so you can tell the audience how people are using it and benefiting from the product. In this way you can make the post potentially strong and engaging.



So, these are not the limited ideas, even there are many other ways to create the social media posts. People are using videos, polls, page or product reviews to create an engaging and attractive post. Make you post interesting and get more likes, comments and shares.