Every year Google brings new changes that impact a lot on the rankings of various websites and standards of displaying. So it is essential to always stay updated on the SEO Trends to make sure the website stays SEO optimized.

As a new organization and business firm sprung up every day the competition for readers’ attention is increasing and following current SEO Trends will help you stay at the top and help you meet requirements that search engines use in their ranking system.

This year is going to be promising as it will bring new changes and trends to make your website more SEO optimized. Expertise SEO parameters and keep track of the current trends will work hand in hand to succeed in higher page rankings on Google.


Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Trends Of 2020

1. Valuable And Relevant Content

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_1

It is essential to be aware of new SEO techniques and other adjustment ideas so that you never fall behind in optimizing your content so that your website ranks higher in search engine rankings.

There is always one thing that stays common in all the trends and tips of every year is the quality of your content. Many people forget the importance it holds on optimizing their website as you have to produce content that meets the expectation of the target audience.

Your website should be rich in informative content that generates value and makes a difference to the audience. You should always make it a priority to study various content marketing strategies to help your website as it one of the most important parameters of Google.


2. User Experience

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_2_User Experience

A person who searches for something I’m Google always has some expectations about the quality of content they receive and the experience in general. Like for example, SERP needs to deliver exactly what people desire.

The entire process starts from here, as Google sets it’s search engine rankings based on the experience of the user hence the UX parameters are at risk. So when your website produces content and aims to optimize it so that it tops the search engine rankings, one also needs to pay attention to the optimizations and changes aimed at UX.

The factors that lead up to a good experience is ensuring proper access to your website, good browsing experience and even allowing post-visit features using various new strategies makes sure the user has a good experience and makes a huge impact on the page ranking. You can hire wordpress developer to design a perfect user friendly website. This is one of the most important trends you can include on your website to achieve the most.


3. Search Rankings Can Be Determined By The Length Of Your Content

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_3

If you want to beat other pages to the page 1 ranking then your content should be of the highest quality so that users find it an enriching experience. There is always a commotion on how long your blog post should ideally be. However recent statistical analysis tells us that the top 10 results are at 2000 words because web blogs with quality content along with long-form content get more visibility.

Your content should answer all the queries made by the customer and also other questions referring to the main query. If your content is lengthy people will dwell on it for a long time, thus Google sees that the user enjoys the content and thus increases your rankings.


4. People Will Want Digital Experiences

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_4

Most WordPress website design company have now moved to a digital approach to improving the experience of the customers, this also helps to increase the revenue. Speed of your page loading fast and page ranking in search engines go hand in hand. The great content of your website doesn’t offer any value if your website doesn’t load quickly or if you have a complicated user interface.

Organizations and businesses which have tasted success down the years know for a matter of fact how important it is to share long term relationships with customers based on their experience with them.

This directly affects your page ranking in the search results, because only customers who have a nice experience will dwell on your website. Focus on making sure user get all the information they need when they visit your website and also find roadblocks which cause bad user experience like lack of clarity while messaging with the customers may negatively impact the SEO of your website.


5. The Video Will Play A Huge Role In The Coming Days

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_5

As Google loves videos, you need to make sure to make the SEO strategy to digitize marketing in the best way possible. A recent study says that a video is 40 times more probable to show up on the first page of SERP over a website with plain text. Most searches of Google nowadays include at least one video.

This is a trend that is seen on some websites as it can greatly affect the SEO of your website. You can create videos on YouTube related to the content on your website. It may not guarantee the first-page ranking in search engines searching but surely will increase your traffic. Always try to optimize your video with the content of your website.


6. Mobile Search Will Take Over

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_6

More than 85% of internet users these days are on mobile phones and almost 50% of the monetary transactions are done on mobile. Even Google has moved to mobile-first indexing a year back to improve the experience users have on mobile phones.

You’ve to think beyond responsive design and rich snippets as your website will not go far on the page ranking of search engine results if it’s not very well optimized for mobile phones. You can modify and optimize your content and structure so that users have an enjoyable experience on mobile phones.


7. Featured Snippets Will Dominate Search Results

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_7

The summary of a search query can be defined as a featured snippet. You will find it displayed by Google on the top of SERP results over paid ads.

They have been there for quite a few years and led to great changes in the search engine page of Google. Recently I came across data where it said most featured snippets get more traffic than an organic result of a query.


8. Voice Search

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_8

This is growing in popularity as more people type search queries related to the way they speak. As the queries nowadays are becoming very specific and long tail, users expect answers that will be accurate and informative.

Some users however prefer searching long-tail keywords that are in consideration state and will be easily converted than someone who is in the awareness stage. You increase your chances of the ranking of voice queries by using bullet lists, thus optimizing your website.


9. Visual Search

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_9

With the help of Google Lens technology, Google has made visual searching an excellent way to reach out to people. Today it can identify almost a billion objects which throw its relevance in the present time.


Few Reasons Why People Prefer Visual Search

  1. A) Reviews of business in your locality.
  2. B) Direction to find a place.
  3. C) Translation of words to other languages.
  4. D) Review of tourist spots.

This is extremely functional as you just have to point your camera towards the object and it’ll identify it for you.


10. User-Focused Optimization (BERT Algorithm)

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2020_10

This has been prioritized by Google for a long time as its main objective is to deliver quality content that satisfies the users.

Optimizing the comprehension of what search term means is the main purpose of the BERT algorithm.