Digital Marketing helps the businesses in getting return of all of their efforts and having big number of audiences through opt-ins, email signups and other ways. But many of the businesses are not following SEO guidelines properly. They suppose that regular and continuous writing and posting content can bring natural traffic to their website.

Well, that is true as well even posting content with proper pan can bring huge success and traffic to your website. Relevant and right content is able to bring huge traffic to your website. But what strategy you should follow and how you can get started to bring more traffic to your site.

Let us start our discussion and some easy ways to bring organic traffic by following right SEO techniques.


1. Find a Topic or Target Audience

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To perform the SEO for your website you should focus on getting the right traffic for your website. By building the minimum viable audience you can easily do so. You should perform search engine optimization in the way so that organic traffic can be converted to valuable fans and subscribers. We should redesign the approach to perform the SEO. Try to solve following queries:

Who are your target audience? How can you identify the target and focus keywords for specific demographic and niche. In this way we can minimize the competition and battle with same search traffic and competitors.

By finding the answers of these questions and the right keywords for our business we can improve the business ranking.


2. Specific and Accurate Location-Specific Keywords

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If you own a Delhi-based photography and want to promote your business through online search, then you will have to find certain specific keywords for your niche. But in case if you will choose certain keyword like “wedding photography”, then it may be a too competitive keyword with too broad audience.

So, we can say that this keyword may not work for your location-specific and target audience. Here, instead try to target Delhi-based audience. So, the better keyword will be “Wedding Photography in Delhi”.

By adding the location to the keyword we have narrowed down the potential audience up to great extent.

By adding one more step, we can again refine the audience. Let us see how?

Now try the target keyword “wedding photographer in East Delhi”. The same business will appear either at first or second rank. Well, you will start getting phone calls from your location.


3. Keywords Research

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Google search engine algorithms are more sophisticated; they pull a relevant piece of content and decide what exact information is there exactly? You can find the working of Google search algorithm through this link. By assigning keywords to the pages can be beneficial for search results. Well, you should follow below-listed points while inserting keywords in the content:

  • Use the keyword in first 100 words of your page content
  • Use the keyword in the title tag
  • Use the keyword in URL

These are simple and straight points that you can easily implement in your site. As a result you will notice that the business will grow by leap and bound. Well, you can easily get better rank just through these tips.

Along with these tips there should be uniform distribution of the keywords throughout the article or content. By choosing the right intentional keywords you can easily rank the website at better position. Moreover, get quicker success in less time that too without any direction.


4. Content Strategy

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In addition to the keyword stuffing at right place, your site should also have quality content. As the search engines are not human, so they look at just few signals to know whether your content is worth for searchers or not. You should consider following points, while writing the content for your site:

  • Your page should have substantial content. It should not too long and must be of good quality. Prioritize quality over the quantity. Try to provide comprehensive information to your site visitors.
  • Update and refresh website content regularly. Regular content update can assure search engine that your site it well-maintained and updated.
  • Create internal Links from within the posts, if you have two almost same niche posts on your site then interlink those.


5. Off-Page Optimization

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The ranking of your website is determined with the back links of your site. These unique domain names can give better rank to your site this may eventually indicate that how many site owners are referencing your content?

Through guest posting you can attract more audience and visitors to your site. Just create the content for other websites and try to leave a link there of your website. More back links to your site are counted as asset for the ranking of website.


Final Thought

If you are reading this post, it means that you already are aware of its benefits. By including these crucial elements in your SEO strategy you can get organic traffic and increase the number of customers. Just contact us if you want to know detailed and customized SEO strategy for your website.