We live in an era of digitalization and people love to shop from the comfort of the home. Of course, this can give a huge boost to the E-commerce business. There are so many E-commerce stores out there. The point here is, how to stand out and be different? Well, Shopify platform can make your website stand out.

Let me tell you that one of the most useful characteristics of the Shopify platform is the ease with which it can be altered and improved upon through the use of third-party applications. By installing Shopify app, the merchants can enhance the functionality and performance of their store-front without having to tweak the foundation that Shopify is build upon.

If you are one of those people looking to kick-start your own E-commerce site and are facing challenges, then you will be glad to know that you are not alone.There are hundreds of frustrated store owners pulling their hair out wondering by Shopify e-commerce store is not working for them.

Well, worry not! You are in the right place. Here are 4 factors that you should keep in mind for maximizing the success of your Shopify app store.


1. Set Up Your Online Store

4 Factors That Will Maximize The Success Of Shopify App Store_1

Gone are the days when only the desktop was responsible for attracting the traffic, now more and more people use portable devices like cell phones and tablets. You will not believe it but these portable devices are now responsible for 60% of the internet use. So, it clearly means that you need to pay a lot of attention in creating a standard quality mobile app. Let me tell you that if you own an e-commerce business and don’t have a mobile app, then you lose half of your opportunity to engage your visitors, even before you go live.

So, unless you want to miss out on the big chunk of your target audience, make sure that your business stalls in the mobile-powered future. So, make sure to consider whether the Shopify theme you are using is mobile responsive or not!


2. Selling More Products

4 Factors That Will Maximize The Success Of Shopify App Store_2

I am sure that this tip sounds really simplistic, but again it is very true as well. If you want to make money, then for sure you need to make more and more sales. Sure, it is an obvious strategy, and it’s anything but new. Let me put down a really famous example of Amazon and its story to success.

During late 90’s most of the people were buying books from stores and due to limited stock, sometimes they had to go without the book they wanted for months, before they got it. So, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos decided to make an internet website that had books of all kind and sold it 24/7.  This idea was superb and Amazon made a lot of money out of it.

So, it was just an example. All I want to say here is that you should come out with new strategies and try to increase the sales. Shopify Banner app feature can be a lot helpful in such a situation. You can use the banner for promoting the offers and products in your site, without charging a penny. It is really an interesting form of advertising that keeps the customers informed and encourages them to shop off from the exciting available offers.


3. Customer Retention

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Let me tell you that it is very important to impress the customers and make them a loyal for your brand. On an average 65% of sales comes from the previous customers.  It means that spending time on retaining the customers is much more cost-effective than acquiring new customers.

Just think about the fact that how much you are going to buy from a brand you know and trust than someone entirely new. So, now you know that how important it is for you to maintain your customers and how profitable it can be!

To put it down simple, retaining customers is essential t growing your Shopify store. If you are losing customers to make up for it, then you need to pull a huge amount of new customers and working a lot harder just to maintain your current revenue.


4. Build E-Mail List

4 Factors That Will Maximize The Success Of Shopify App Store_4

One of the greatest things about having an E-mail list is that once you have got one, you can regularly message people anytime you want. The traffic won’t be reliant on Facebook, Google or anyone else and you will be able to drive the traffic with the push of a button.

So, apart from Shopify store banner, you can also use E-mail as a medium of profitable marketing for e-commerce store. Having a size-able email list is undeniably beneficial for any business.

Once you have got the e-mail addresses and some quality e-mail marketing content, you will be in control of customer-retailer relationship and will be able to provide your customers with valuable updates and marketing material whenever you see fit!

What do you think of Shopify? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.