A more digitized world creates even greater urgency for Cybersecurity to be treated as a form of ‘digital healthcare’. As with medicine, the best practice starts with education and a preventative approach to cyber-security can play a major role in protecting data, keeping accounts secure, and minimizing being a target of malicious internet activity.

The reality is that the average person, even in a professional setting, neither knows that much nor bothers to prioritize effective and consistent ‘digital hygiene’. With the global pandemic and the rise in people working remotely, there’s a greater vulnerability than ever in this area — especially when you consider the projection that Cybercrime-related damages might exceed $6 trillion USD in 2021.

To help educate and promote better Cybersecurity, Paradyn developed this infographic that rounds up the five major ‘Cybersecurity Trends to Know in 2020’. The evolutionary nature of this issue makes all information valuable information and what’s covered here will transition well into 2021.

Furthermore with the continuation of remote work and learning, there’s only going to be more risks for cybercrime not least because the landscape of threats is always changing. Writing for TechTalks, Jori Hamilton says, “As technology evolves, so does the way we do business around the globe — but as the world continues to become more digital, computer hackers continue to come up with new ways to steal our data.”

From both a professional and personal standpoint, particularly in the scope of privacy, it’s never too late to be proactive about Cybersecurity. Small steps that incorporate these trends are:

  • Understanding legislation in different regions to take precautions specific to the location
  • Upgrading anti-virus and security services used for more sophisticated versions in line with technology
  • Revising and integrating cloud security parameters across all accounts
  • Securing home networks and checking routers including Internet of Things devices
  • Converting all passwords to a higher level and considering an encryption service

Get started now with the full graphic below!

Cybersecurity Trends 2020 You Might Have Missed_Infographics