Distributed Cloud Storage is the on-request accessibility of PC framework assets, mainly information stockpiling and figuring power, without direct dynamic administration by the client. Enormous clouds, dominating today, regularly have capacities appropriated over various areas from focal servers. On the off chance that the association with the client is generally close, it might be assigned an edge server.

Clouds might be constrained to a solitary association (venture clouds), or be accessible to numerous associations (open cloud). Distributed computing depends on the sharing of assets to accomplish lucidness and economies of scale.

Backers of public and mixture clouds note that distributed computing permits organizations to maintain a strategic distance from or limit in advance IT framework costs. Defenders likewise guarantee that distributed computing permits ventures to get their applications fully operational quicker, with improved reason-ability and less upkeep, and that it empowers IT, groups, to all the more quickly alter assets to fulfill fluctuating and unusual need, giving the burst registering ability: high figuring power at specific times of pinnacle request.

Cloud suppliers usually utilize a “pay-more only as costs arise” model, which can prompt unforeseen working costs if overseers are not acquainted with cloud-evaluating models.


Is It Safe To Upload All Your Data On Cloud Computing?

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Well, in my opinion, Cloud Computing isn’t 100% secure. In today’s time, storing sensitive personal data is safe nowhere, not even in your hard drive, there are possibilities like it could be stolen, or a virus could corrupt it.

Big Cloud Storage giants like Amazon store the data in such a way that even if there is a data breach by attackers/hackers They will not have access to the full data as it is stored in bits. The complete information is not stored together.

Also, Giants like Amazon and Google have the Best Developers Support in the world, who are highly skilled and the best people to keep the data safe from attackers. There are other small providers like Rapidshare, Upstore, Nitroflare, etc.

Now the question arises that even after so many positive aspects why is cloud storage not safe, the Company servers can be monitored or accessed by the government in no time.

The servers can be very easily hacked if targeted.

It is a compelling fact that Google has straightforward access to your mails and your drives, and it is not safe as it can be sold to advertisement companies that will use the same data to persuade you.


Do You Know About Data Monitoring On Every Platform?

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At any point in time, when you put your sensitive personal information on someone else’s server, you are at risk. It is my observation that many times when you mention a product/service in your personal chat/mail soon, there will be an advertisement about the same.

Some people don’t even realize that their data is stored on so many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

We all are aware of the Facebook Data Scandal in which Cambridge Analytica used millions of people’s personal Facebook profiles without their consent and used the same for political advertisement. This is a classic example of personal information of millions of people being sold for business.


Trading Of Data: Security Breach

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Furthermore, there is also a possibility that there is insider trading of your data. Nobody can be trusted with your sensitive data. The Facebook Scam is the most prominent example of that. There is a very high possibility that someone from inside may provide access to your data to hackers, and then they exploit that data.

It is generally seen that the most common trick that hackers use is Add On features i.e.Everybody likes to have a little extra at no cost; hackers target this psychological behavior of humans and try to get into their server by doing as mentioned above.


Preventive Measures To Take When Uploading Your Content Publicly

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Now the safety of the data is not only the responsibility of Developers, but the owner of the data should also be smart and responsible enough. They should avoid uploading highly personal and sensitive data. Uploading professional secrets should also be avoided to an extent.

The owner of the data should be responsible enough not to share his/her credentials with anybody and shall be smart enough to avoid phishing attacks.

By talking to some people, I found out that the cloud storage program should have some level of Standardization i.e., it should be programmed in a stringent procedure, so it is not easily hacked. The servers should be highly encrypted so that hackers don’t have easy access to sensitive information.

Lastly, consumers should understand that with whatever security policy the company designs, whatever server encryption is done by the company, or whatever protection levels are designed by the developers, a person’s personal and sensitive data is always at risk.