iPhone, the name itself is enough to introduce the brand. From the time iPhone comes into the market, people have gone crazy before that and that’s the only reason why it’s the most demanding brand. Every year the company used to launch only one model which is enough to create a hype for the whole year.

Just like every other phone, it also needs to be updated after a certain interval of time. Although you can easily update the apps or the phone simply from the App Store. But, if you are facing any kind of trouble or the size of the file is large then you can update apps from iTunes also.

You may be thinking about How To Update iPhone Apps Via iTunes, don’t worry, just focus on the article. After full research work, we have written this article and we assure that you will get what you are looking for.

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Moving forward let’s see all the necessary steps.


How To Update iPhone Apps Via iTunes?

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Step – 1

First, you have to launch iTunes to your computer and then connect the iPhone with the device through the Apple dock connector.

Step – 2

After it get connect successfully, open iTunes and click on the “apps” option which you will find under the library section.

Step -3

In the lower right corner simply click on “updates available. Now, it’s up to you if you want to update all the apps in one time and one by one.

Step – 4

To do the same your computer should be connected with a high-speed wifi network.

Step – 5

To begin the process you have to enter the correct Apple ID and password.

Step – 6

Simply eject the device and enjoy updated apps.


A Little Brief About iPhone Apps – Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions

iPhone Applications - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions

With the help of social media apps and other applications, the world becomes so small now. Today, we don’t have to depend on anyone for any kind of work, with the help of Google we get to know about each and everything.

If you want to make new friends Facebook is there; to chat with the person near to your hear, WhatsApp is there; to tell people who are you and what’s your standards, Instagram is there; for official work, Gmail is there. Actually we all are surrounded by, millions of useful apps.

One can showcase his/her talent and can upload it on the apps. Who know just in one night your life would be changed. Moving forward we have many freelance apps also with the help of which people are earning a lot working from home.

In short, it can be said that there are many benefits of these apps but it depends on us how we take that. Let’s know a little about iPhone Apps – Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions.


1. Facebook

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in the year 2014 and from that day, people are so much impressed with this application. If taking an approx then at least 700 million users are using Facebook today across the globe.

It was all started with sending requests and chatting but now you can do almost everything with the help of this like sending money, stickers, video call, audio call, animated GIFs and what not. In addition to that, you can also go live with the Live feature of Facebook.

The list of features will not gonna stop here. Technology is evolving and who knows that one day we can order anything through voice assistance on Facebook.


2. Twitter

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_Twitter

Twitter is one of those social media platforms which is famous for spreading any news across the globe. You can’t write the paragraphs on Twitter but you will get here every important news and updates. Almost all the celebrities and politicians are using this application and they tweet about what is happening in their life.


3. LinkedIn

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_LinkedIn

There is no other app that can beat LinkedIn in professionalism. From all over the world people share their work and resume here and connect with the people of the same background. This helps the people to gain appreciating in their field of work and helps to open more opportunities.


iPhone is Giving On A Lot More

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We have only listed a few apps that are really so much popular among the people but apart from that, you can enjoy a lot more with iOS. Yes, there are other more smartphones that exist in the market but the service and the features iPhone provides you will found nowhere else.

Don’t believe our words, try to use iPhone applications and then compare which one you found is better a normal smartphone or iOS device.

All the very best!!!