CamScanner app is one of the popular for document sharing and scanning. You can export and scan all types of documents just through your mobile. It can make your document access quite easy and quick. You can scan and view the scanned document at any time and even a clear image of that.

CamScanner application is effective and easy to use application that makes sure that you can access all of your documents in clear formatting. Even the handwritten or blurred or light text can be converted to clear and specific one through the CamScanner app.

CamScanner user cannot only store and scan the document but can also collaborate and synchronize them across smartphones, tablets. iPads and PC. In our next section, we will review CamScanner, the Android Application.


CamScanner – Features

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This is a handy app that can take the photos from your phone that you may send further to your contacts. For formal documents and official purpose the app has plenty of features like document editing, adjusting, resizing and many others that make the app one of the best one.

Not only this even once you will scan the document, it can further be cropped, edited and even a PDF can also be created of the document. Some additional options that you may use are merging of files, password protection, cloud storage and adding watermark including lighting adjustment after image cropping.

CamScanner app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The free version of the app can be downloaded and used by anyone with limited features. However, the paid version of the app has plenty of exceptional features that can give you exceptional features of document scanning.


CamScanner – Interface

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You can easily understand and navigate the interface of the CamScanner app. The home screen of the app has almost all icons including camera button, sharing, merging, deletion of all tags and adding the password protection buttons.

You can find more options by tapping the three dots on the top right corner of the app. In short, it can be said that the user interface of the app is quite simple and user-friendly.


CamScanner – Edit Feature

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The app can detect the corners or edges of the document in an automated way. Various functions including manual editing is also available in the app. When you will enhance the image a clean white background with crisp text can be seen in which most of the paper’s wrinkles have been removed.

The documents are already edited, but still, there are several built-in additional tools that can be used like rotate, crop, trim, resize, etc, that can make the document even better.

Apart from this you can also set the PDF page size, page orientation, page margins, set tags, add a signature, add notes and highlight the desired text including many others.

You can also set the image size while clicking the photo of the document. Some additional options for document edit are brightness contrast, various modes like B&W, Low Enhance, Grey, high Enhance and more that can further improve the quality of the document.


CamScanner – Other Features

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You can use either the camera of your phone or through the app itself to capture the image of the document, invoices, receipts, notes, certificate and many more. Here is the list of some of the best features of the CamScanner app:

  • Photography Tools: You can control the flash of the camera through this feature. It can also determine whether the phone is in the perpendicular direction or flat above the document.
  • Image Quality: The quality of the scanned document is quite exceptional. It can maintain the readability of the document that too in various conditions
  • PDF/JPEG File Formats: You can share or send the documents in JPEG or PDF format either by sending the email attachment or document link or an email that as well.
  • Scan Quality: Auto cropping and enhancing features in addition to manual editing options can make the documents and text quite sharp and clear
  • Document Protection: You can set the password for each document and save them safely
  • Airprint and Fax: The printout of any document can also be taken either via AirPrint or directly through fax. In around 30 countries you can use the fax facility.
  • Synchronization: As stated earlier that the document can be easily shared, synchronized and view on various platforms easily either from your smartphone, tablet or PC. The document can be easily viewed, shared and edited from anywhere
  • Sharing: The document can even be scanned and shared via email, Bluetooth, messaging applications and you can also save them on Evernote as well.
  • Tags: The scanned documents are organized and tagged in well-coordinated manner
  • Backup: The documents backup can be taken either on SD card or in the cloud whenever required
  • Cloud Integration: The app can be directly integrated with cloud storage services that include Google Docs, DropBox and others
  • OCR: Through optical character reader the text can be extracted from the document and can be edited and further shared. The feature is available only in the paid version of the app.



CamScanner is a useful application that can scan the documents quickly and at the same time can keep the text quality quite higher. The users of the app can use it to manage their all documents that may range from bills, certificates, official documents, wedding invitations, agreements, business cards, notes, books and many others.

If you do not have to use the app extensively then its free version also has enough features that can be utilized by anyone. You can now go paperless by CamScanner and turn your smart phone to a portable document scanner. No need for scanner when you have CamScanner in your phone.


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