We all know that the trucking industry attracts millions of individuals both in the US and UK to try their luck, at the same time, it is also quite competitive.

With so many rules and regulations, not to forget the increasing demands of the customers, the life of a truck driver is a tough one to live.

For those looking to work in a truck driver jobs in the UK, here’s a little something to get you started in the right direction.

However, before we move any further, it is time to take a look at some “DID YOU KNOW” facts about the trucking industry in the USA and other countries.


Did You Know?

  • Presently, the net-worth of the trucking industry in the US is $700 billion. The country has 3.5 million active truck drivers.
  • DSV, a Danish trucking company, holds a whopping $14.9 billion of market shares in the trucking industry worldwide.
  • Leading LTL (Less Than Truckload) carriers in the US are FedEx, XPO, and Old Dominion.

Now, without any further delay, it is time we find out about the seven fabulous apps to help truck drivers smoothly ride to their destinations.


1. Drivewyze

6 Best Must Have Mobile Apps for Truckers in 2020_DriveWyze

If actively employed in truck driving jobs in the USA, there is every possibility that you will face an issue with weighing lines.

Drivewyze will make it possible for you with its PreClear app available for both iOS and Android mobiles. You can easily bypass a majority of weighing stations to save time and money.

Moreover, the application contains a database of more than 700 cities across 44 states. It eases the overall hassle for every truck driver. The app can quickly help you bypass 98% of the times, and also comes with a 30-day free trial.

Download Drivewyze – Android | iOS


2. Trucker Path

6 Best Must Have Mobile Apps for Truckers in 2020_Trucker Path

The Trucker App is an all-in-one application, which is also among the best trucking apps out there.

Even if you employed in truck driving jobs in UK and looking for decent parking, a truck stop, or a place to weigh the luggage via SmartPhone, this is the application to have.

Trucker Path provides some great features as Truckstop locator, Weigh stations, Trip planner, and many more.

Download Trucker Path – Android | iOS


3. Fuelbook

6 Best Must Have Mobile Apps for Truckers in 2020_Fuelbook

Drivewyze does have its advantages when it comes to an application, which is cost-effective in terms of logistics in the trucking industry, but what about the fuel?

Using Fuelbook, you will get constant updates on the gas stations providing gas at the lowest fuel price within a region. In other words, you just need to set the route and check out the truck stops with the lowest fuel prices on that route.

Some of the features of this application include access to nationwide diesel prices, open parking status, live news and alerts, fuel discounts, truck repair search, and much more.

With Fuelbook mobile application, you get access to more than 7000 truck stops across the US.

Download Fuelbook – Android | iOS


4. Trucker Tools

6 Best Must Have Mobile Apps for Truckers in 2020_Trucker Tools

Overdrive is the developer of Trucker Tools, which is the best application for even those working in the highest paid truck driving jobs in UK.

The Trucker Tool has all the features of the applications mentioned above.

You get access to truck stop guide, weight scales, and the chance to connect with other drivers regarding cargo insurance. Moreover, you also get access to the Overdrive magazine subscription.

In short, Trucker Tools is a must-have application for every trucker on the go.

Download Trucker Tools – Android | iOS


5. uShip Mobile

6 Best Must Have Mobile Apps for Truckers in 2020_uShip Mobile

uShip Mobile is an excellent application, who is new to the trucking industry. It is among the most trusted transportation application where truckers and shippers connect to carry out transportation jobs.

If someone wants a transportation job done, they can post it on the application using their iPhone or Android mobile device, and you will get the details if you are nearby.

Moreover, you can also place a bid on how much to charge for the job.

uShip provides many features, including view and change shipments, save searches, and suggestions for the fastest route to deliver the goods.

Download uShip – Android | iOS


6. iExit

6 Best Must Have Mobile Apps for Truckers in 2020_iExit

iExit is the best application for knowing useful locations during your journey from one place to another.

You can gain access to critical nationwide intersections, not to forget information about any gas station, motels, banks, toll booths, hospitals, and restaurants en route.

The application will also share with you data about the different amenities, including parking for trucks and Wi-Fi hotspots, among others.

In short, your iExit application is similar to Google Maps, and also among the most user-friendly application.

Download iExit – Android | iOS



The trucking industry, similar to other sectors, has witnessed a massive change during the last few years. Moreover, with automation becoming a possibility soon, it is only a matter of time before truckers keep themselves ready for the change. These applications will help every trucker do their job efficiently, whether it is truck driver jobs in the UK or the USA.