Wireless technology has made a boom by offering ultimate perks to the users. Akin to this, the Internet of Things has made a huge popularity. Due to this, wireless technology has reached to the next level. The evidences can be clearly seen. Unlike earlier phenomena of establishing the connection between people and things, it has also become possible to set up a connection between various things. Eventually, a new benchmark has been acquired in the communication world.

Needless to say, IoT has not made an impact on lives of all. Some of the examples that justify the fact that our lifestyles have been ruled by IoT are smartphones, smart homes, assisted living, sensor based appliances, excellent apps and many more. On an average, an IoT device can plan a whole day of its user. As an example, an IoT based smart home will snooze the watch till the time user wakes up regularly. The thermostat will tick off depending upon his movements within the house. His fitness device will track the time for which he ran and accordingly calculate the fat burnt, steps runned, diet and water to be consumed and many more things.

Moreover, a smart device can also allow the user to locate a nearby coffee house, gym, restaurant, shopping mall, school, hospital, airport and many more. Apart from this, when it comes to commercial usage, for high productivity IoT can be employed for varied roles like automated manufacturing, business management, well-automation, auto manufacturing and logistics.


A Few Concerning Issues in IoT:

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It is not mandatory that every shining object do not have any pitfall. There is no doubt to the fact that IoT has ruled the world of technology. In parallel to this, there are many associated concerns too. The biggest of all is the concern of data privacy and security. Since, the process include transfer of data from private cloud to public cloud or vice-versa. Therefore, the hacking of such data transfer can be done easily. However, network firewalls can be efficient to provide the utmost security, but another thing that cannot be ignored is the embedded information.

Well, the good thing above all the possible issues is, the advancement in technology can aid in overcoming security threats. Still, the individuals and reputed organizations are facing phishing attacks, cloud hacks and other similar IT hacks. These kind of losses can be a huge loss for the organizations and individuals too. This can also lead to the imbalance in IoT ecosystem. Ultimately, IoT could miss the credibility that is deserves.

Another important thing, that need to be considered is its flawless interoperability within the connected equipment. Within the industries, a huge number of examples can be seen. Let’s assume a healthcare industry, the patient’s health can be easily taken care of especially for those who can have a cardiac arrest. Apart from this, car can be tracked for preventing it from spies. A smartphone can allow to track the residence or working location of the user.

It can be concluded that Internet of Thing has gained huge popularity across the world because of its excellent features. But, it is also an undeniable fact that there are many other concerning issues. All that is required is the security awareness of a user rather. The reason being, a small mistake or carelessness could lead to heavy data loss or data leakage issue. So, always try to implement the robust and secured accessibility so as to enjoy the technology without any hassle or worries.