Most of us might have come across through the most buzzing word of the recent time, the ‘Internet of Things’. For those, who are new to this terminology, it may sound silly. The reason being, the technology involves the platform where object or any living thing (human, animal, plants) transmit data over a wireless network. However, with the advancement in technology, Internet of Things has attained a level where there is a complex network and unlimited possibilities. At the same time, there are a few crucial facts about the servers and the process involved in Internet of Things (IoT). Here, we have listed a few of them.


  • Machine-to-machine transmission

Commonly, the transmission of data is exchanged among the devices these days. Thus, this process is often referred as M2M. As an example, the manufacturing machines, oil and gas utilizing machines and power production equipments transmit data in order to keep a track on time-sensitive information which is commonly used for central operation. For an instance, consider a server installed at weather station will record and transmit data wirelessly to the ground based meteorological team on the ground.


  • Internet of Things is inclusive of all

Internet of Things has a base where there is no limit about the data accessibility and transmission. The type and amount is not defined. There could be a transmission between a human and a wireless heart monitor, automobile alarming driver about the pressure in type or biochip transponders. A thing to be transmitted could be of any type. All that is required is a sensor, wireless transmission and an unique IP address.


  • Overloaded traffic can lead security threat

No doubt, IP technology and number of data nodes have increased with various other advancements. In parallel to this, there is another fact that transmission of data between all such data nodes can lead to data leakage. So, as the traffic increases, more and more packets will be transmitted which will assist the hackers to get high probability to hack the data, if there is no authenticated accessibility.


  • Amendments in IP technology

The entire IoT technology is based on transfer of data from one source to another. This is only possible when a source and receiver has a unique IP address on their computer or device. Earlier, this used to be a numerical address, but now the advancement in IP address technology has reached to the next level. It is now turned into a phase where every single atom on this earth can have a unique IP address and still there could be many more spare IP addresses left on many more earths.


  • IoT is no more a new concept

The concept of ‘Internet of Things’ came into light a decades before and that time a very few IoT devices were introduced. A very interesting fact about IoT is that the first internet equipped machine was a soda machine that was built in early 80s. Programmers successfully connected the machine through a wireless network to check the status of the machine.