HTML Code always use comments for detailed explanation used as reference for the programmer.

Comment tags include open tag “<!—” and closed tag “—>” are used to insert the code within the HTML code.

<!- - - Comment - - - >
Please Note: Do not forget using exclamation mark within the opening tag.

Comment tags are never visible on the browser or within the output. But these are important to create the reminder for later use.

Moreover, HTML comment tags can be used for debugging. This can be done byy adding the comment tag to a HTML code. Thus, errors within the code can be detected easily,

<!- - - <p>Technology Diving</p>- - - - >
This code won't be visible at the browser or at the time of execution.

HTML Conditional Comments

Conditional comments are only used for the Internet Explorer only.

<! - - -[if IE 8]>
Technology Diving
<![endif]- - >

Software Program Tags

There are other ways also to generate the HTML comment tags and software programs is one of them.

<! - - webbot bot - - >

Here, tags are wrapped within HTML comments via FrontPage and Expression Web.

These tags will help in supporting the software that has created them.