Internet of Things might not be a new terminology among users these days. Almost all of us must have understood the functionality, advantages and security threats associated with it. But a very few of them must have actually understood the term in aspect of cyberspace. For humans, Internet of Things must be a great innovation as it is helping the humankind and businesses in a very dynamic manner.  However, the people who really have a concern about their security and privacy; for them Internet of Things might be a gateway for the hackers.


Basically, Internet of Things is an establishment of wireless connections for data exchange and other transmissions. The process also involves interacting in real time so that all the data or information transmitted can be tracked and analyzed. The best thing about the entire concept of Internet of Things is that the process involves the internet cloud for storing the date. This will eventually save the time of the user allowing management and extraction of data anywhere and anytime. In addition to all such features, there are always upsides and downsides of a technology. Let’s have a quick glance over it.


The Upsides of IoT

IoT technology has an excellent feature of intimating the user by generating alert about various events such as reminding to buy the grocery, to turn On/Off TV, refrigerator, light and many other home appliances. Also, the user can attain a secured system for their home and other associated activities. All that is required is the knowledge to operate handheld device and adding security for using the particular IoT device.


The Downside of IoT

Only thing that can create an issue in the success of IoT technology across the world is its security. An access to IoT device without a password may lead to data theft. Since, the entire procedure of transmission within the technology involves the connection of various devices at a single time, thus the risk of data leakage also increases with the number of devices involved. So, a user always needs to remember the fact that every technology has a loophole which can be filled following safety precautions.



It can be concluded that Internet of Things is growing up to an extent that within the next decade, every electronic device will be following the IoT technology. At the same time, its security can’t be ignored because it may lead to issues, if ignored.