The current hype in the Internet of Things technology is evident to all of us. It can be easily seen that each day a company is introducing an IoT based product. With such a growth of IoT devices in the marketplace, various predictions have been done. Instead of guessing various IoT prospects in the future, it would be better to realize its existing applications.


Internet of Things Feasibility

Searched on Google by the people, discussions on Twitter and thoughts of people on LinkedIn describes the feasibility of IoT in the market. Although the highest rating that a feedback for a product can be achieved is 100%, but Internet of Things has been encountered for getting more than 100% responses. The reason being, its existence and role in various industries. We have discussed a few of them as below.


  • Wearables

Wearables was always in light since decades due to its excellent features. No doubt, a tech giant; Apple had introduced its smart wearable device a few months back. Following the concept, many other companies innovated and launched such wearables that can help in monitoring and controlling the body activities.


  • Automated Cars

IoT technology cars will also rule the market very soon. It is well-known fact that an automotive industry usually takes 2-4 years to introduce its new innovation. Thus, it can be expected that in the upcoming years, reputed automobile companies will introduce an IoT smart car soon.


  • Retailers

Most of the retailers have started using IoT technology systems to keep a track on their sales, productivity, client’s database and much more. This will not only help the retailers to overcome human errors, but also aid in boosting the productivity and revenue. This is the reason for which most of the retailers are following the technology.


It can be concluded that Internet of Things has created a buzz all around with its incredible applications in various industries. Looking over its amazing features, it has been expected that the technology will rule the marketplace in a few years.