Earlier, the internet protocol, well known as IPv4 supported 4.2 billion addresses on an average. A various amendments in the technology boosted the rate which led to expanding of network nodes. Finally, IPv6 arrived which boosted the number of nodes for the latest internet network. In numbers, it accounts 340 trillion on an average. This figure is not a small one, instead a mind boggling one. Above all these things, here is an important fact that advancement in the Internet of Things technology has made all these things possible. Among all, IoT has leveraged business industry utmost. But, on the same side IPv6 has lead to various unfavorable issues as well. Here, we have explained how IoT can make some effects in the form of IPv6. Let’s have a quick look over it.


  • Diminished Security

No doubt, IPv6 has led to the expansion in network. This could be a great achievement, but another fact that cannot be denied is that hackers and cyber criminals can find an ease in accessing a huge network and well-arranged information infrastructure. Also, a huge network can develop the mix of threats and vulnerabilities which can create a high risk of data theft. In short, a vast network of device can allow a high number of malicious users and hackers to decode the data.

  • High Opportunities

The potential of digital processing has brought an idea for the industries to create a plethora of new IP addresses. The Organizations or firms do so, in order to acquire numerous of well-maintained digital services which can help in better decision making. Using this trend, the professionals could acquire excellent opportunities to groom their business and productivity.

  • Dynamic Outcomes

Employing a giant and perfect internet based devices are being used these days to avail useful results. But, there is another fact that cannot be denied is that the mix of embedded telecommunication and nanotechnology is restricted to the various possible development of applications.


Summing Up

IoT has allowed IPv6 to become the leading internet protocol as it holds a huge promises for the businesses and industries. Most of the leading companies are following the trend by implementing IPv6. They can expect a huge network of devices and unlimited network connectivity which can aid them to acquire high productivity. Simultaneously, various issues likes cyber crimes and phishing attacks cannot be ignored. The professionals can enjoy the maximum advantages offered by IoT via IPv6, but they need to make huge efforts in maintaining its security.